Preveza, Parga, Lefkada


Destination Preveza

The town of Preveza

Capital and port at the entrance of Amvrakikos Bay, the picturesque Preveza with island style built on a small peninsula at the southern end of the county. Castles, traditional houses and buildings of remarkable architecture, cobbled streets and walkways will delight the visitor. The shops, the famous taverns, restaurants and coffee bars near the beach attract the most traffic. On the waterfront of Preveza tie excursion boats. Undersea tunnel connects Preveza with Aktion Aitoloakarnania.


Castle St Andrew Castle Almighty, Ancient Nikopolis

The CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST HARALABOUS with elaborate wood 1824, gilded in 1837.

IAMATIKES SOURCES: Paliosaraga. Ydrotheiochlorionatriouchos source (water temperature: 19-21 ° C), suitable for arthritic and skin diseases, rheumatism, etc. Info .: tel. 2682022293 ..


Destination Parga

The town of Parga

Picturesque town with island color, significant tourism, natural beauty and turbulent history. The traditional two-storey and three-storey houses, the coastal road, the cobbled streets, the castle, the islands in the harbor entrance up a romantic image. Excursion boats connecting Parga with surrounding beaches, Sivota, Paxos, Antipaxos and Corfu


THE CASTLE, built by the Normans in the 14th century. on the peninsula of ancient Toryni, city flourished in the 5th-4th century. BC Destroyed by pirates and invaders, he received its present form by the Venetians. In 1817 he received the Turkish operations.

The Church of St. Nicholas, the patron saint.

Ecclesiastical - Folklore Museum


Destination Lefkada

The town of Lefkada

Opposite the Akarnania shores, Lefkada distinguishes from all the islands of the Ionian for easy access - connected by road to mainland Greece. It is an island with beautiful beaches, breathtaking beaches, overgrown areas, mountainous villages, mainly in the hinterland, and picturesque coastal villages. Lefkada decorate forested islands on the eastern shores.

What to shop

The famous embroideries Lefkadian Karya. Also, oil, wine, orgeat (drink from bitter almond), honey, nougat, nougat, salami and sausages. Pays the nominal lentils of Egklouvis and "vetch" (pulse) of Karia.
Kalamos, pastries, sweets, oil, almonds, sweets and "rovani" (sweet rice, oil and honey). Meganisi, oil, textiles and embroidery.

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